Jugo & A Movie

Dinner and a movie, the perfect solution to those nights where you don’t feel like going “out out” but at the same time you don’t want to spend another night on the couch in a Netflix zone (they’re hard to get out of). Food and a good flick is something that never gets old. But how about we switch things up? Lets keep things fresh…in fact lets keep it Jugofresh. We’ve partnered with local organic juice bar Jugofresh and will be hosting a community theatre event where you can drink a fresh juice, munch on snacks, and watch a movie right here in good ol’ Wynwood on Tuesday, September 29th at 8:00pm.  


In the spirit of fashion week and all things inspirational we will be showing a documentary film on Bill Cunningham, a bicycle riding New York Times photographer who is known for his historical impromptu New York street style photographs.  His story has been a source of inspiration for us and we can’t wait to share it with you! 

Looks good right? Switch up your weeknight routine; bring a friend, a good blanket, and come joins us to watch this special film and show some local love at Jugofresh in Wynwood:) 

bc quote

xx MIMO Market


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