Calling All Dudes: Give Thanks In These 5 Turkey Day Outfits

Football and food coma day (aka Thanksgiving) is around the corner. Its the time of year you take a couple days off work to head home and spend time with loved ones, reunite with old friends, and squeeze in some party time. This long weekend full of festivities and good grubbing calls for a few essential outfits that have style, comfort, and keep you looking fresh even after the holidays.

The Not So Basic

Like diamonds, stripes are forever. This basic tee is slim and elongated which pairs perfectly with your essential joggers. Great for traveling and hanging with the fam.

2015.11_MimoEDITS-07784 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07796 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07800 copy

Pixel Perfect

Dress it up or dress it down, this pixel perfect shirt is great for the holiday dinner or a night out with bae.

2015.11_MimoEDITS-07683 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07732 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07690 copy


Chambray is simple and classic. Pair it with textured pants, double thumbs up. #winning

2015.11_MimoEDITS-07850 (1) copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07883 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07890 copy

Prints Charming

For the day after Thanksgiving when you swear you’ll never eat again, keep it chill in a loose printed button-up and jeans. Easy breezy.

2015.11_MimoEDITS-07918 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07928 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07933 copy

Seeing Double

Whether your spending the day hanging in your old hood or you’re headed back home, a double denim shirt is pure comfort.

2015.11_MimoEDITS-08048 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-08107 copy2015.11_MimoEDITS-07970 copy

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xx MIMO Market

Photographer: Jon Hooshmand

Model: Nick Odio 


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