Welcome to Wynwood

SignedWelcome to the Wood.  Our lease is signed, sealed, and delivered; we can’t believe this is happening!  We are now officially tenants of the brand spanking new Wynwood Block located on NW 2nd Ave &  26th Street.  We need to be pinched every 5 seconds cause we are still in shock that this will be our new home.

Being that we are the new kids on the block (pun intended), we wanted to meet our new neighbors.  You never know when you may need a cup of sugar or an awesome haircut? Pinch us again please, just down the street from us is Junior & Hatter.    DSC_0767_R_SDSC_0764_R_SEstablished in 2012 by hair gurus Andrea Battista and Mario Silvestri, this salon is AHH-mazing.  We walked in and instantly felt right at home.  A place where you can have an espresso, play a little Nintendo, and get your hair done…we’re sold.

Lisa’s BeforeDSC_0759_R_SMario doing his thing…DSC_0765_R_SLisa chopped her hair and added some ombre goodness to it. We are absolutely thrilled with the results!  Great vibe and awesome people here, we definitely found our new favorite salon.DSC_0774_R_S

Junior & Hatter
2750 NW 3rd. Ave. Miami, FL 33127
Mon 2pm – 8pm
Tues – Sat 10am – 8pm



Hola! Ciao! 你好 ! Bonjour! Howdy!

Welcome to our blog! We’re two chicks from Miami who became inseparable since we got randomly selected to do a marketing project together in college. 9 years later we have shared an extraordinary journey together. We LOVE all things fashion and LOVE to conquer the dance floor (okay maybe not conquer but we have no shame).

Above it all we’re friends. We’ve both always shared a dream of opening a shop together, thus we are proud parents of MIMO Market.

Meet Lisa

I love… a nice cup of coffee, a good movie night on my couch, wine, dancing to all sorts of music, reading any type of fashion magazine, cooking a nice meal at home, and most of all– I love life… especially when it involves a good laugh and great friends.

Inspired by… my fiancé, family and friends.  They not only inspire me, but they motivate and encourage me everyday.

My style… is very eclectic and I like it to be effortless.  I love a great basic, but often try to make it my own by adding a twist or edge to it.  I’m obsessed with accessories and often like to finish off my outfits with a great piece of jewelry (or MANY), a fun handbag or amazing shoes.

Meet Leilani

I love…lattes, romance novels, spontaneous ventures, running, a good cheeseburger, laughing till tears start running down my cheeks, the great outdoors, dancing like there’s no one else in the room, Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations, and red…red..wine.

Inspired by….nature, music, my friends, history, and Oprah.

My style….I’m a chameleon, I like to mix things up. One day I’m chic’d out in all black, the next day in loud printed pants, I live and dress in the moment.


Cinderella said it best, “If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.”  We hope to inspire our readers, and would love for you to follow our journey as we pursue our dreams of opening our very first boutique.

Photography by Warren Richmond