Kickstarter… We Made It!

On June 4, 2014, we launched a Kickstarter campaign.  With the help of the community, our family, and friends– we not only met our goal, but to much of our surprise, we totally surpassed it!  =)  We can’t express our gratitude enough, thank you so much for the endless support and love.  <3

A HUGE thank you to the below contributors:


In case you missed the video, check it out below.


Let The Construction Begin! (Woohoo!)

Merry Monday everyone!  We write this with sore hands covered in tiny cuts from a weekend spending way too much time with an X-Acto knife. >_<

IMG_4745_RE IMG_4587_RE

The Wynwood Block is on its way to being done and we have officially started our interior construction, yay!!  First thing on our list was to get the ceilings and floors cleaned up and painted.  It may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world but for us, this is huge.  The behind the scenes planning is not easy, so as soon as we were able to pull the trigger and get started- we let out a huge sigh of relief…finally!

Once the ceiling was painted (thanks Lisandro!), we brought in the talented and amazing art squad.  These guys (who we love and adore) painted original artwork for our temporary window coverings and busted out the spray paint to create stencil magic.  Speaking of stencil magic, we also want to give another big thank you to Signs Connection for the amazing job on creating the original stencil for us to work off of. 

IMG_4744_RE IMG_4746_RE IMG_4748_RE
IMG_4753_RE IMG_4751_RE

Also, a repost and a sneak peek from our designer, Mark Diaz, who went mad on our front counter; it’s a tire fetish fulfilled!  We’re super obsessed and can’t wait to finally move it in the shop. 


So little by little things are coming along.  We are grateful for the continued support from you all, we’re almost there!  We’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as we continue to build.   Have a great week ya’ll!


 “take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey,”   – Kristi Bartlett

 xx MIMO Market