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The Eleventh Hour: 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s t-minus 4 days until Christmas and it’s officially time to turn off the Hallmark holiday movies (they’re so good we know), put down the eggnog, and turn on your shopping mojo. We know work has been busy and the holiday parties have been crazy, and the idea of  circling the parking lot for hours and pushing your way through crowded malls puts your tinsel in a tangle.   It’s all good, luckily MIMO Market has got your back!  Last minute shopping? No problem, here are 5 special gifting ideas to put under the tree this year:

Can you Candle it? 

Give a little sparkle and warmth, these candles are hand-poured,  made in the USA, and smell uhhh-mazing.


Sunny-Side Up

If you live in Florida a pair of sunnies are a must.  These lovelies are notoriously cool and quirky and under $50 🙂


Classics with a Twist

These knit ties and printed pocket squares and are hand-crafted with love by a local designer. Perfect for the modern gentlemen.


What A Gem!

Moonstone, Quartz, and Lapis oh my! Jewelry adorned with precious stones are a great way to gift positive vibes to your special someone.


In The Neck of Time

These beautiful neck ties are super light and versatile.  The fashion person in your life can tie it around their neck, head, or bag for a unique touch to any outfit.


For more ideas check out our awesome Gift Guide.  May the force be with you, happy shopping!

xx MIMO Market


Classics Reinvented: Sperry Top-Sider Meets MIMO Market

Good day MIMO Market lovers!  It has been a busy few months and during this time our girl Leilani had an awesome opportunity to join forces with the all American classic brand Sperry Top-Sider.  The infamous boat shoe was founded in 1935 by Paul Sperry and was primarily used for, well… boating.   Since then the nautical kicks have transitioned to more of a lifestyle and fashion item.  Typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sperry is instant prep style. It’s not a bad thing, but fortunately for us as new age Muppies (it’s a real term, swear… click here) when it comes to style, anything goes.  We like to put on whatever makes us feel good; and we’re in luck cause not only does Sperry make classic boat shoes (no one does it better), but also for the fall they have gorgeous leather ankle booties and super chic slip-ons that have fun colors and textures.  All in all, Sperry is for everyone; it’s all in how you put it together to make it more awesomely you.

Leilani took the golden ticket to take a classic brand and put some MIMO Market freshness to it.  Shot in our very own neighborhood of Wynwood by Stevan Reyes, here’s a peek into the Classics Reinvented Sperry Top-Sider photo-shoot.   Shop the shoes and see more photos and style tips by Leilani now at Sperrytopsider.com!

Email us at mimomarket@mimomarket.com to get your hands on all the pretty clothes 🙂 g88cfUUxhgK0iGgY2739VO4Ycre8JJ7Hxbm1qjE5iio,I0weiRk-yHf6u2qCuFlp6E0xCeo3Cx5HaUCvnODWYt4 BD8PEwKUV0C-EG9x-EKv9zKlVUp9d9FZ4D04veN4XSg,iOHMPvmj3j7D-fEAmRft3ihb7dUxhdSRLhs1ZMvrYUQ uKVk5XFTItAOOKNXqg71JorAjJbPiwYR_XMK_r-StU,FW8-lhc_D1cTsvRSr1v8hkUj6qjBAxAJLRkOVIxytl4 7NwEQ3wtNWJWESmkA5Ugx1GCqKi9AxXXfpnkDA4yRqA,P3GHIyhF333zEXrZCH7wz-kr8E70qcgyPITG13N1PBY zI23MYSPauMwX7iUcgzd9L--x1XMg3zsvlKAap8HKN4,KfbKiccb4Wi1C2gckTQqQMT7jnwRJYE74X_KdEQWMXs 8mMbhFL0SHcS7jJfMbYf0L0kxv93r3S3q7Cl5vo-80c,bsl2v_117BglFxMOG3YI2yFIXrm5nPtumlYmlZcrw5c 634jTzVv5am3uQJbQzRtt7bhxRPdO4OZXZERiuI5snE,Em1QoOMJGQCfs8s6A6pN2iW8Vlcews-_9u3Tl2HRJ60 I0JLvnGFT4lG4spB_eLevLVzu4zxCc0YLaBLIPwNzqI,WvNuruD4doboLUnsv5x_dALb8jNO1ha4cgiu76wjmQo PYn7kZ5j5IwAW1EYydDmiDJf0b9FAeSkJPgA8Wm-t_8,d4vSZyJ1jXDsbatcYME679bh9yvUWWIEcaXhAajVbvs,f0k-ImHyQLMvmxuqX3SJgVPs7ojyJbrHQxo1jEhT84k-1
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 Have a ridiculously awesome weekend! 

xx MIMO Market